Sunday, 10 May 2015

Spell Jammin

A great ending to a starbound campaign! 

The PC's board the vessel of Captain Krista "Jugs" Moorcastle and her crew which has been outfitted with a magical spelljamming helm found buried in the lost southern Savage Continent. 

Simple barmaid turned pirate whore

Once aboard the PC's are in for a wild ride through the very stars! They pass the moon and can clearly see what appears to be a forest upon the surface, however with the speed the ship moves once away from the gravity of their planet the group quickly find themselves in deep space fighting a void dragon. 

Krista gives the order to activate the Numerian device and opens are portal to a distant galaxy. Here the party is sucked in by the new planets gravity and sent down to the world below the hard way. 

They set out with Gen to explore the new planet, while the captain fixes her ship, readies it for sail and does some exploring of her own. 

In the small town of Torch the PC's quickly find they are needed to re-ignite the torch that has gone out so the smiths can craft skymetal again. They befriend a young alchemist girl named Val who is a great aid to them as they go under black mountain to save her father figure and learn what has caused the town much trouble. 

They end up thwarting an android clerics plans and re-igniting Torches forge, saving the town from poverty. 

Now they set sail for home, back to Ashura.