Thursday, 25 May 2017

The revision is in progress

With the upcoming new games and possibility of running two games in our world I have combined things I wanted changed for a while now and written a full (almost complete) campaign guide as well as a second document that is a house rules book.

The first part was to fix the world after the cataclysm. I wanted to include the cataclysm, but fix the problems with breaking the world the first time that took away from the campaign and lost part of the original feel. Once quick way to do this was on the world map. I started with fixing the Cloud-Tower Mountains and maintaining that there is no way to cross them easily without going on an extended voyage to the far south, or navigating the ice in the north. This made the Everstorm still a very valid and dangerous crossing path that would separate the east from the west.

With this new map we still have areas of destruction from the cataclysm but have a more reunited old world that worked very well in the long running campaigns of past.

The next part I wanted to work on was the city. The city never had and still does not have a grand map due to it's sheer size. However I wanted to fix the broken city as well and keep it to a simple sketch. The city post cataclysm has been flooded into the bay below and that worked well for one storyline, but as time went on I missed the old northern gate and kept referring to it, even thought it was long gone. This time around I kept some of the features of the cataclysm such as the grand bridge to the royal quarter which is off and into the bay and but have re attached the city to land to function as the southern end of the country and the top of the grand bay.

Here I have re-added the ability to have the northern gates, kept the magic university off on it's island and gave prestige to the royal quarter by the awe inspiring bridge that is a marvel of engineering. This makes the city over all more solid and easier to navigate.

So for the maps I have amended two major outlooks going forward that the new players will see as their first look into the world of Under the Pale Moon. It should give back that old school feeling and still show signs that something has happened to the world since it's creation.

As for the house rule book, I have a small sample of some rules on the "House Rules 5E" page on this blog as well as the full document in a Facebook Group. I may openly post it here soon, but for now that is in a PDF format.

The campaign guide is still in the works, as there are stories and such to be added to it the newest of which spans five typed pages and is a guided tour of the city of Ashura as told from a visitors point of view. This should greatly immerse anyone who truly wants to know about the world and get a feel for how things are in this homebrew campaign world.

I hope to roll out these two major documents and the two new maps in the coming months and might want to charge $1.00 or such for printed copies at the gaming table for anyone who is interested in the world beyond playing each week at the store. All things considered, UPM Gaming is going forward nicely, I would just like to get more players for our weekly game of course of if that dose not pan out, to then do the traveling DM thing and bring the game to new players out there.