Thursday, 14 September 2017

Campaign Guide Update

I am still working on our campaign guide and pulling inspiration from various sources where I can. The thing I hate about campaign guides is that many of them are full of nothing of value. They have a nice opening page that tells you about the world then drops off to a normal players guide with the same write up for all the races and classes with a few stat differences and some names of new gods as well as geography or things that happened but not how to incorporate that into a game.

That is all well and good for telling you a bit about the world, but does nothing for being a book you can use. I want mine to be full of stories that bring you into the mindset of the world though descriptive writing so you get a feeling of immersion of the world and to have actual usable content as in some small adventures and how to run them, tactical skirmishes and write ups on ideas for longer campaigns and how they should flow.

If I was to talk about races I would want them to be only focused on being unique and not  just a difference from the core books. I would want to again write up a story of how the race lives in most cases and what they go though daily to see how they fit the story. Maybe some fun way's to play them or how you should see them in our world. One thing I do not want to do is linger on for pages and pages about each race that has no difference or such from core.

I had a neat idea about new spells that are super fun for the first time ever. I came up with some new spells after reading a third party resource that values fun and description over coping the original spells and trying to make attacking spells that may be overpowered. These fun new options have to be tweaked, but are so easy with the new 5th format and focus on role playing and interpretation versus stats on a page.

Gods and deities are so boring and have ever been. I get a symbol of the god and a boring basis stat saying which domain they reign over, if your lucky you get a description of the god as to what they look like, believe or how their followers act. This has been ever hard for me to deal with because it is so boring. I can make my deities all have domains, etc, but how do the gods fit into the gaming world? Why do the PC's follow these gods besides just picking their domains or such? I was thinking about some boons to the players, how to pray or what is involved and how the deity will talk to the player during the game.

Until next time.