Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Cast

The new heroes who are taking over our latest epic quest I rolled randomly and before I started thinking about features, tone, characteristics and the like I came up with a party of five.
  • A female, chaotic good, halfling, fighter
  • A male, neutral, elven, bard
  • A male, neutral evil, human, sorcerer
  • A female, neutral good, tiefling, oracle
  • A female, chaotic neutral, human, barbarian
The dice gave me a start and using another random set of features I added some details.
  • Curvy body type, brown hair
  • Athletic body type, blonde hair
  • Thin body type, blonde hair
  • Athletic body type, brown hair
  • Thin body type, orange hair
 The characters then needed some weapons and outfits, so I came up with some random and some suitable ones for them to use and wear.
  • Brass knuckles and short sword. Silver breast plate
  • Rapier. Long dark coat and noble clothing
  • Dagger and spells. Cloak over sorcerers robes
  • Staff and spells. Long layered skirts and cloth top
  • Katana sword and One hand battle axe. Silver chain mail bikini with leather boots
 Starting to get the characters physically flushed out for the adventure. I then switched to a few traits to help flush them out a bit.
  • Leader type, commanding yet insecure
  • Educated, well spoken, fair, confident
  • Mean spirited, expects too much from the party
  • Proper in public, relaxed, caring but vengeful, social
  • Dependent, weak willed, shy or awkward type with an alcohol problem
Adding in some basic starting trait ideas I start to build the characters in my mind. At this point I know the halfling is going to be a leader of the group but always worried about letting them down. I have a well educated bard who can help aid the halfling when she is making mistakes by using his confidence in knowledge to guide her in the right direction. I have a powerful sorcerer who is very beneficial with his abilities, but his terrible attitude towards the others makes him seem overly mean when he is not understanding their faults. A likeable, proper type social tiefling who is everyone's friend as well as lends an ear to listen and takes care of the group. And a barbarian who is thin, dependent on others to care for her, not good at standing up for herself type, who escapes reality with drink when the occasion presents it's self.     

Right now I am starting to love this group. I am seeing some parings and some conflicts during the adventure and have my favorite picked out already for who were going to be following as the main character. I find the barbarian the most interesting already to write about as I can picture her easily in my mind and want to see how she manages throughout the adventure.

As for the adventure, we have already played part of it in our d&d game and the rest I had a good outline written and an ending so all I have to do is lets this new group of characters play though it their way and give us a twist on the ending we might not see coming. 

As for the start, I have the tavern trope set up as they learn about the adventure, introduce themselves and decide how they are going to go about setting out for the northlands. I don't want to bog the story down right away with long chapters on travel so they will need some friends who are able to get them their quicker and let us dive right into the start of the adventure, I think these should be siblings.

More to continue.