Saturday, 5 November 2016

Streaming and Video Catch up

Hopefully we are set to start streaming soon. "Every 2nd Sunday night, Pathfinder" Will be the tag line for Twitch as well as picking up a sub for the channel. (If I can get people to pitch in about a dollar a month. $8.99/mo for turbo).

We can start streaming immediately with major changes to our table rules while the stream is live. The past broadcasts will still upload to YouTube and go in manual order, while the new twitch streams can go private until they are ready to go in chronological order.

Programs: OBS and proper cables from laptop to Jeff's camcorder.

At the table we will need a laptop to monitor the chat stream, make sure the stream is still live and a pause screen with art for our half time break.

We should also invest into a small monitor to attach to the camcorder so we can see what the feed is seeing on a larger scale (this may work on the laptop as well, but is handy for the group to see next to the camera to see how things are working). A final though is going to be investing in mic's for the table and setting that up.

Table rules can be taken from our house rules section and added to a bit. So far I am working on the following:

Table Etiquette

• No phones at the table, please don't be on a phone, watching a video or preoccupied.
• No magic cards at the table, were here to play Pathfinder or D&D.
• Be ready for your turn. Have a plan based on what's happened so far and look up what is needed
spell wise etc for when it is your go. Keep the pace moving.
• No swearing OOC at another player. *updated* as well as threats of violence.
• No name calling or intentionally putting another down.
• Breaks are to be called by the DM. Don't wander or leave during game play.
• Be prepared to start when the game begins so we can get to gaming. *updated* after the social introduction time period at the start of the game.
• Try to avoid META gaming. If your character does not know it, you do not know it.
• DM decisions are to be taken as this time. We can discuss rules and decisions after game.
• Minimum age allowed at the table depends on the maturity of the player asked to play. Kids are
not allowed to play as concern about the language being to mature is not acceptable.

NEW Stream Rules

• No racial slurs, political statements, opinions on sexuality.
• Do not openly argue in a loud manner. Suggest we re-look at a rule or issue later after the game or at start of next game.
• Do not suggest anyone doesn't know a rule or is doing something wrong. Only correct someone if it is in a helpful manner and you fully understand that rule without having to look it up.
• Do not discuss real life opinions of other people (friends, known or celebrities).
• Do not discuss brands, show logos, trademarked pop cans, beer labels, chip bags, etc.
• Snacks can be eaten during the timed (10m?) break so were not eating and talking on camera
• Speak loudly to be heard, even whey your character is whispering. Stage whispers (Means to talk loud so the audience can hear you even though we know your whispering in character.)
• Speak to your party in character, take all the time you need to open, have and finish a conversation or social even between characters at the table before talking to the DM about the event at hand.
• Remember D&D is about role playing or "acting" don't be afraid to put on a show for the audience watching. If you are not about that, allow the other players who do like it to continue and do not shut them down.
• The DM will try to be more passive and almost invisible so the players can take center stage. The more you interact and ask each other, the less I have to explain between everyone and give opinions.
• Dead air sucks. Talk too much is good. Sometimes players will tell you to tone it down if your talking too much, but do not listen. This is a good thing, you need to be talking, telling a story, interacting with the other players, asking questions in character, or getting up to no good.

Stream monitor duties

• Shout out's to subscribers
• Immediately kick and block anyone using insults, unacceptable language, advertising or harassing comments.
• Ensure the stream is still going
• Appoint mod's from reoccurring fans to help monitor or real life known friends in stream.
• Maybe answer a question or two at the break