Saturday, 11 June 2016

Pathfinder story so far June 2016

Started off in the city of Ashura as the PC's join up as protectors of a Pathfinder's group. She leads them into a southern swamp towards a small town that houses a scroll of power. Here the town they visit is plagued with an undead menace and holds a family secret. The PC's right the wrongs here and end up recovering the scroll and ending the storm that came to this town.

Next the PC's visit the sister city of Rankin where a festival has just begun. The carnival is in town and the peoples sad spirits are lifted for a while. Here the PC's come across a kidnapping and get involved in rescuing a family of gypsies. During this time the PC's also make way to a wizards tower to recover another object of power called the orb of storms. They make way through the tower using tables and ladders until they steal the orb and flee back to the city. After some time exploring the corruption in Rankin the PC's decide to go back to Ashura and let their Pathfinder leader research these objects. 


From here they return to the city of Ashura where they are sent on a mission to the stars and land on a planet full of rotting technology. Battling a lunar dragon in space and taking a worm hole to a distant planet they land and find the near by city is having trouble as their forge (the soul source of their income) has gone out. The PC's delve beneath the mountain here to find a crashed ship and the reason why the forge had gone out. From here they save the city and make way back to their crashed ship where they then head for home.

Then the PC's return home to the city with new friends in tow. From here the Pathfinder leaves for a meeting and the PC's want to take on missions of their own. One of their expeditions lead them north in the winter and ends with them suffering frostbite, failure and a cave of vampires who capture some of their companions forcing them to find new allies to launch a rescue mission.

The PC's help a scholar investigate a temple that appears during storms and return with children, information and more. In this temple they find many gods from another plane in statue form and an intelligent ape who guards a statue of another god. They are stuck for a time on the astral plane and finally defeat a snake abomination that breaks the curse of the temple.

Next the PC's help an eastern woman investigate an ancient castle and go on a mission to reclaim her throne. They join up with her and her companions to find a family heirloom. During this adventure they make way north and defeat assassins until they free the eastern woman from her kidnappers.

The PC's now break off and head to an island where they recover an object of power from an abby and join a local guild.