Friday, 30 October 2015

Beating Brinewall

Players begin in the winter 570cy as a poor tavern owner name Ameiko asks them  to recover a family heirloom for her from a long abandoned castle north of the city. The PC's accept the quest knowing she hasn't much money, but that they can loot the castle as they go.

After a long adventure of raiding the castle the PC's find the box containing the family heirloom and are granted visions. Here they learn that Ameiko is the rightful heir to a throne in a land far to the east, weather to help her on the long road to reclaiming that title or to venture to new quests or even to return to Gen for work with the Pathfinders is up to them.

Defeated "Brinewall Castle"

Up next: A temple that only appears during intense storms has been spotted near the Cloud Tower Mountains and a small merchant's caravan has a terrible story of loss to tell . . .