Saturday, 28 October 2017

Getting to the video

Took a good couple hours a night over a couple nights and then two hours and thirty minuets to render followed by a good two hours to upload, wow!

I decided to go back to the idea of posting the entire four hour game (edited down) in one video for a few reasons. I found that most of the footage was actually usable, it wasn't taken up by hours of arguing over Pathfinder rules like in the Pathfinder Mini's Videos and I like the feeling of settling in to watch an entire game (as long at the game can be entertaining). 

While we may get zero hits on the videos that are sitting at one hour and forty three minuets long (after editing and trimming), vs the good twenty or so hits on our mini's vids that sit around twenty minuets. I still think in the end it will be a better idea for this game in particular. 

Some of the old footage is best off as mini's, only showing the good parts, but this new series I wanted to show all I could of the entire game. I did cut a lot of combat since you can't see the map with the initiative board in the way and I've cut a lot of the parts where everyone is eating loudly at the table or crushing chip bags and the like (for your benefit), but the core of the game is there.

If you still can't sit through the entire length of the video, we just ask that you visit the page once or twice to give us hits as YouTube has taken monetization away for channels under 10,000 page views. We are asking for help (We can return help) in getting our page back to monetization status. You can watch the video here:

Along with the video, I have begun work on a map of the west coast area of the north known as the Untamed North. This is still in progress, but has the parts from the starter set that we need mixed into our world. These maps help to give more visuals to our world broken down as parts with more detail than our major over world map.


More videos and work on the Untamed North are on there way, it is just going to take time as these are very time consuming.

Stay tuned for more updates to come!