Saturday, 2 April 2016

5th Edition / 4th Era

For YouTube and simplicity of rules we have switched to Dungeon's and Dragons 5th Edition in which the story, role playing and the DM's work load are easier managed, the PC's however are hindered to small abilities, and spells and not as many choices and builds as Pathfinder.

Pathfinder is a terrific game, but on film produces too many rules arguments and blank spaces of looking up rules and facts even after 13 years of gaming.

PC's for this game if you are following along on our YouTube channel:

  • Alneiros - Wizard of chaos magic
  • Francis - Paladin
  • Geth -Barbarian
  • Thyneris - Ranger
  • Criella - Ranger
  • Glim - Wizard of Necromancy
  • Rose - Druid 

 We begin as the players have known each other for a few years in the city of Ashura. They get bad news from a guild that has discovered a dungeon below a mansion and learn it has something to do with Thanero's past.

They head off to find madness and hardship and eventually Thaneros falls in the darkness below the mansion. Later his sister Cryella takes up his cause as the party heads north to investigate what is happening with gnomish bards.

Winter is coming to an end, but still is trying to hold on, as some snow mixed with rain and muddy conditions are in our forecast.

Date is 571cy in the beginning of Spring as this adventure run's parallel with the Pathfinder game.


A idea for Rose (Elven Druid)