Sunday, 29 November 2015

Campaign catchup

Fresh off their mission of having explored another planet the PC's answer an ad from a local tavern owner who needs adventurers to travel to Brinewall to recover a family heirloom for her.

The eastern woman is named Ameiko the owner of The Rusty Dragon, a tavern of smaller stature which seems to be on the verge of going out of business. The PC's are promised a large reward which they figure Ameiko cannot pay, however hearing that a letter has turned up telling Ameiko of this long lost family heirloom, the promise of treasure in the castle and the PC's good nature, they agree to help.

In the confusion they hire a bard (Con-artist) who becomes disgruntled with the party and ends up gathering a party of her own to do the mission and collect the large reward. However realizing that Ameiko cannot possibly pay, the bard and her barbarian goons kidnap her and hide her some old mining caves to the east of the city.

It is here that the PC's discover Ameiko's disappearance and go seeking her. They end up foiling a con put on by the bard to a group of investors and have her arrested. During this adventure they find Ameiko dead at the hands of the bard and bring her back to the city to try to save her life. They ultimately end up saving Ameiko and putting the bard behind bars.

Later . . .  

It's winter in Ashura and the city is going through a harsh one. Snow is piled up, it's bitter cold outside and our Pathfinder Chronicler has left for meetings with her lodge's upper ranks. 

The PC's find themselves ushered out of the Pathfinder lodge as Gen locks it up and heads out on her journey accompanied by a young alchemist girl from another world and an android guardian. The PC's quickly find limited lodging at an Inn named "The Inn of the Blue Dragons Tooth" which allows them one month's lodgings at 5sp / day.

During this time they are teleported north by a mage named Anna who brings them to a much traveled road just east of Brinewall. The PC's navigate through Brinewall finding Ameiko's family heirloom inside of a warding box.


In a series of visions the PC's have while opening the warding box they also find a seal. This seal represents Ameiko's family's divine right to rule the Jade Empire. Realizing this Ameiko begins planning a journey north to the lands of the Ulfen barbarian warriors, to a city known as Karasguard where she seeks a sword shown in her vision being sold by her ancestors to an Ulfen merchant for gold. This sword is known as Suishen and acts as a adviser and spiritual guide to the royal family.
Back in the city of Ashura Ameiko is showing a girl the day to day operations of running her tavern while planning her journey north with her friend Shalelu Andosanna an elven ranger of great ability.

The PC's while hanging out at Ameiko's tavern were visited by an excrescent scholar who told them of an odd temple to the east of the city at the feet of the Cloud-Tower Mountains which only seemed to appear during storms. The PC's traveled there to find an elven man who's caravan had been attacked by raiders from the temple. These raiders had kidnapped children belonging to families of the caravan and killed his other companions.

The PC's sent this elven man back to Ashura with Anna the mage to heal up and take rest at Ameiko's tavern while they investigate the temple.