Thursday, 9 February 2017

Infanite Material

Well what could possibly be better to write about than D&D? When I started this blog it was focused just on our game. It was meant to be a tool for recapping and updating the players in our game about what was to come and some of what has passed, but things evolved.

Writing this blog came after my old blog The Slayers Inquest which was a blog back from 2014 that I posted in about the state of online gaming to go along with Andrew, Scott and my discussions on the forums at MMO Slayers . These forums were our life for a long time and were fueled rage discussions about online games, mainly MMO's which were in their heyday. In the end, MMO's died off and the forums went quiet. I stopped doing The Slayers Inquest and started doing up a second blog for my D&D game.

The D&D blog, changed though, it became more of a way for me to post my point of view on a subject that came up at our gaming table, without being interrupted and by posing examples and stories. I see that by looking through the stats, other people have found the blog (be it a small audience) and have read some of the posts. I got one or two +1's on a post and no comments, but it got me thinking about posting more stuff. I mean what better subject to write about than D&D!

There are hundreds of articles on rules, on opinions, on things happening in today's game. I am in three facebook groups alone, which daily get flooded with questions from new DM's, trolls, and players wanting to discuss a situation, a rule or an opinion. These facebook posts get hundreds of reply's daily and can get pretty heated. This blog is a nice place to chill out and post what I want with out some facebook poster getting butt hurt and flaming me, thought that may come with time and in comments below.

Now it would be nice if I could set up ad sense here to get some nickles, but sadly I cannot. I am thinking about Pateron but I will have to figure out quite how that works and if I can I will be porting these over there so I can get a donation and have more fuel to write with. For now here though, I can do whatever I want. I can write a story about some d&d characters in our world and give you some backstory from an NPC's point of view. I was thinking of writing what would have happened in many games that we just ended abruptly on, that might be fun to see how the story was laid out and how it would have ended pending PC changes and what not. I can talk about how taping our games for YouTube over at UPM Gaming YouTube started off calming everyone down and stopped rule bitching before the we got used to having the camera on us. We can talk about how I think D&D should be played and how players in my group think it should be played. We can discuss Pathfinder, 3.5 and 5E D&D and see which is more fun in each area and why. The material is infinite really.

Right now I have again stopped playing due to differences at the table and an inability to resolve the conflict that would be long term and make the game fun again. I just wrote an article about how to get role playing back to great again, but it blew up into a demand of player wants that was too unrealistic for me to manage and I ended up having to stop our Pathfinder game for now. The time needed to craft five or so fights a game that needed to be in depth high level battles that suited each players goals and backgrounds, allowed each to shine, award XP of a high amount and still fit the complex story line I was running it, just wasn't there. If I was twenty years old again and living at home with a part time job, sure. Sadly time has come and gone and I have too little free time anymore. I can still write an amazingly fun adventure for Sunday night, but my players demand Lord of the Rings and I just can't out write Tolkien so I have had to call it game.

What I am excited for is a new adventure in my favorite hobby that revolves around blogging, producing gaming videos (ones that features D&D games or RPG games) and trying to get an audience built to read and view my stuff (not to mention interact). You can always read my updates and small thoughts on Twitter UPM Gaming if your not the type to read long blogs and just tune right out at the first paragraph. I find Twitter a great way to get across small information quickly for those who don't like long posts. You can also read updates on our Google Plus if you have a google account.

Either way I hope you find something of interest or use in the upcoming posts, links to information, videos and such.

Thanks for reading, leave comments!