Monday, 16 October 2017

Back to a weekly game!

It's been months, but this autumn marks 15 years of D&D for me and I can't be happier to have the group finally rebuilding. After playing every other week with a group of three, we now gain two new players to build us to a group of five and get us back on track. This mixed with the ability to now once again play every Sunday night brings back our weekly gaming night.

 The new players are just getting into d&d so adding them in during the "Lost Mines of Phandelver" is a great way to welcome them to the game. As we've been playing the starter adventure, it's turned out to be a terrific journey so far and I can't wait to incorporate it into what comes next. The adventure has brought us all over the northern countryside and had us fight a good number of foes, we've lost party members and they have used their skills to uncover secrets.

One of the memorable moments was having a large ogre in the road walk off with the corpse of a PC wizard and eat him as the other PC's clinging to life ran for their lives after the creature fed. 

I like starting way up north where the lands are just below the snow covered elven lands and far enough above the metropolis of Ashura. It gives a unique perspective for the PC's as more of wilderness explorers and being able to survive in the wild vs. having grown up in the comfort of the large city. This mountainous, land full of thick evergreen forests, cold rivers, rain and mud adds challenge as the PC's battle nature it's self on a daily basis.

I have planned a series of adventures out in the wild until we either go into a linked published adventure such as "Storm King's Thunder" or some "Tales from the Yawning Portal". Either way, with all the books I have amassed now for 5E will give us a good couple years of material to play through.

In time I will have video of the games from the start posted up on the YouTube channel for watching. Still debating if it would be better as a podcast since the video is just of us playing around the table. More info to come as games go forward.