Sunday, 18 December 2016

World Building

So I found the official font for 5E and decided to get logos and emulate the cover of a 5E book for our world. This got me once again working on world building.

I have always put off world building as it's too damn big. Yes I have the shorts, I have the important NPCS, I have the city districts, the main places the PC's visit, the kingdom, the guard, vague laws, etc. But I have not been able to flush out the entire world with deities in complete detail, areas, lands, customs, etc, it's just too much to do.Each section alone of just parts of the city would require paragraphs, pages, art, custom images to show what I am referring to, references to old content we did in game years back that has to be found and referenced and even the best program to build this all in.

Why do I want a campaign guide? Well especially now with two DM's doing our world (one Pathfinder, one 5E). It would be handy to not have someone go totally off on in a way that doesn't fit our world, but more than that the 5E content is written in such a way as to be role play vs. rules so the book doesn't have to be 1000 pages of rules Pathfinder style, but more 5E role play style.

I will try to release some information on here, but I will not be releasing this via DM's Guild or similar website as no one would buy our custom campaign world book. It's our book for us and only makes sense to us, but anyone can view what we've done and we've done a lot!

Hopefully soon I will be releasing content on here (Especially if I can find the 5E page templates) for everyone to see and enjoy.