Monday, 26 December 2016

Felt like sharing

 So I didn't get any d&d books for x-mas, but that's okay. I did get some cash so I can pick up two, maybe three new ones. I was thinking 5E Storm King for sure, but hmm on what else. I never did play 4th, but there are some campaign worlds I would love to get the books for such as Undermountain (which looks nice) and of course some older manuals.

Anyways, below is a photo I did for fun, after rounding up all the gaming books (Though I am sure I missed some) and this excludes my Dragon Magazines and Dungeon Magazines as well as novels. But it shows some of the books I do have and where I am missing some for the collection. I found the adventures to be worth the most and the how to rules books to be stuff we all know, so going to focus on more adventures and campaign worlds in the future.

I hope you can zoom in on the photos to see all the titles and such. You will notice some fun stuff in there like my favourite anime "The Slayers" done in a 3.5 book, some GG books and Gurps of course. This is why we have been playing 14 years and why I don't see an end to content for the players.

As seen from front, books cut off on top

Top down shot as case is in tight doorway. Can see top books.