Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Restructure in a Fantasy Game

  1. organize differently.
    "a plan to strengthen and restructure the game"

We have a large group, enough for two games. We have those who like 5th and progressive games and systems that keep with current trends in gaming and those who like old school, change is bad, stick with one system and play it for life.

This gives us room to try things, like splitting up the games and nights. This way we can get some of the things we want, like late night games, RPG Gaming vs. Rule Book Strict Gaming and allows us to choose where we want to go.

Thinking out loud here.


We have Sunday 6-10, which is lame. 4 hours is not enough time to do anything worth wild. The late start and the early end are not what I am looking for. Pushing the game 6-12 is much better or even 5-11. This gives us a good 6 solid hours of gaming in a night.

We could alternate Sundays. Two weeks of 5th and two weeks of Pathfinder, but we've been here. We've done this many, many times and counting the number of character sheets I have for these games that have come and went, I foresee the same ahead. This also means at the current time only 4 hours of gaming over two sessions a month. 8 hours total in 30 days.

If we pushed the Sunday game to 6-12 with 6 hours, and did the trade off 2 for 2, you pick up an extra 4 hours or one extra play session a month. So your two weekends becomes the equivalent of three having a 6 hour game. Now three games of 5th or three games of Pathfinder can be played in two weekends a month.

Of course Sunday is taken. So my plan is Saturday nights 7-1. This is perfect time, as it's a later starting game, going late into the night and still a solid 6 hours of gaming. Now for me and maybe many others, Sunday morning is a day which we may have to work. For me it's every second Sunday and I start at 9am. This would allow me to get out of work Saturday night, play late, and either one weekend have Sunday off not having to get up or still give me enough time to sleep before working Sunday.

The later start means more serious and getting into the game right away. All the supper stuff is done, the sun is down and it's time to game. The playing till 1 am means that after game on a Saturday night with a possible day off Sunday we can go out for a beer, get some food, hang out at someones house talking gaming or get in a game of something on a console not worrying about Monday.


Splitting the group is easy. We have 9 people including DM's. This is perfect for making two groups, one of 4 and one of 3 (Not counting DM's). Saturday's game can be played with a mere group of 3 for Pathfinder, while the more popular Sunday's game having 4. Most have expressed interested in only playing one game and while we don't want to keep starting a second game and end it only months later over and over, this is a way to keep it thriving for time.

Now obstacles for this would have to be places to play. Lately we have had many places to play and with returning players we might have even more. However this hinges on everyone being able to play late at one of these places if the host can't have it loud into the night. I would have to get a bigger table for here, but can make due for 3 players currently. Also car's are an issue at the moment until something comes along, but the concept is what I am aiming for.