Sunday, 17 May 2015

Setting up camp May 2015

Adventuring Time Spent:

Estimated 48 days or 1.75 months of adventuring so far. As well as time lost while spent on the Savage Continent in the south (Est. 1/month), which puts us at about 2.75 months in.

(Journey to southern haunted town 15/d; north to Rankin 3/d; tower of the mage and Rankin 3/d; home to Ashura begin journey south 1/week; southern adv 3/d; ship to space 1/week; space and Torch town 5/day; ready to return home with an estimated 5/days journey.)

Starting in "Early Fall" (sept), would be almost end of "Late Fall" (nov), however adding in time from southern journey puts us approx end of "Early Winter" (dec).

Assuming all goes well, we should reach Ashura almost "Mid Winter". At this point the PC's have to decide if they are going to settle in for the winter or continue to adventure during the cold months.

On lands and taxes:

Based off several factors and only being gone (rounded up) 3 months and one of said months being in the winter which is past harvest season and farming is done until spring. Assuming the average farmer makes between 10-20 gold a month or so and that a % of this would be taxed the PC's aren't going to get rich renting out to farmers.

While renting land to farmers will add income, it will not be substantial and furthermore the land is still taxed by the crown. Basically having farmer on your land will negate any monthly upkeep fee you owe the city in taxes.

Goals and Achievements:

As we adventure as a Pathfinders group, helping her to accomplish tasks for her patron we become more and more known. Here are some of the goals we've achieved

  • Recovered a Scroll of Prophecy
  • Recovered a magical orb that controls weather
  • Gained information on a magical artifact called the "Time Egg"
  • Gained information on a magical helm which allows a ship to fly through space
  • Gained information on a distant world about "Technology", other worlds and foreign plants as well as recovered a new race called an Android and a girl who speaks a distant language
Who's left standing:
  • Mentys the Fighter / Jeff
  • Er'Sul the Alchemist / Ryan
  • Vix the Cleric / Drake
  • Oscar the Ranger / Shane
  • Kit the Rogue / Dan
  • Remy the Sorcerer / Eddie (Waiting at the Tavern)
  • Poshmint the Summoner / James (Waiting at the Tavern)